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You are the elusive hacker, edie88, and your job is to bring down the corrupt owner of Waylife Bank by guiding your trusty partner in anti-crime, Bit, into the mainframe of a 1988 bank's computer system and revealing the fraudulent transactions of CEO Peter Mohw.

Power your way through 11 computer systems, totaling 88 levels of increasing difficulty and speed. Swing from point to point, revealing the data in the code and avoiding the anti-invasion programs, ranging from simple electrified walls to vicious spider-like assailants. Fire your pulse shot to destroy them, or to reveal the hidden lights for a moment to aide you in your quest.

The better you perform in each system, the more upgrades you earn, not only to spruce up Bit with new colors, but gain useful improvements to your abilities.

The three-button control scheme seems simple at first, but may prove a greater challenge than you expected. 

GenreAction, Puzzle
TagsRetro, whomp


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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I am so happy to see a new game in this style, the last time I got to play a new one was Clu Clu Land D in Animal Crossing on the Gamecube

Oh, I didn't know that was in Animal Crossing! I thought it was a completely abandoned title~


CCLD was basically a level hack of the original, but it was the only new Clu Clu Land content basically ever.  And having played hack.88 a bit now, I am very happy to have a worthy spiritual successor.


Isn't this just clu clu land?


It is indeed inspired by Clu-clu land. It is a mechanic I haven't seen in any other game, and I wanted to make something nice and high res with a bit of my own art style, more levels and more enemy varieties!


Mac version plox


Maybe think about releasing a demo with a few levels (~10?) or at least  a better trailer. I can't figure out the gameplay with the trailer that's up now. I can barely even tell which ship the player is controlling, let alone any of the level objectives. 

I'll consider it, thanks